5 Social Media Strategies which every startup should follow

Building online visibility in this competitive and dynamic market is one of the biggest challenges which startups usually face. No matter how different you are from your competitors in the same industry, it all comes down to nothing unless people know about you. Therefore, what matters in the end is reaching out to the right people who are actually interested in your products and services. The only thing you need to remind yourself every day is that it is going to be a gradual process and the staircase to success can be tiresome. Here is a list of few social media techniques which can help you in the best possible way.

  1. Concentrate on just 2-3 social media channels to promote your brand: With a range of social media handles at your disposal, you need to choose the most effective social media channels which can help you in the best ways. Don’t rush into making a profile on every possible social channel as it will be very time consuming to manage each of them. Also, not every social media channel can fulfill the specific needs of your business. Therefore, chart down your own list before you begin with your strategical implementation. Start building your online visibility on these social accounts before you think of using other means of promoting your business.
  2. High Quality Content is must when it comes to spreading a word across social media networks: Bridging up the chasm between potential customers and loyal customers will become easy if you are into writing engaging posts for your audience. Interesting and high quality content can keep your audience engaged. More people might want to associate with you if you have something interesting to offer. You can give out other freebies in order to grow your brand exponentially. Tools like Freedly and Pocket can be really helpful in this regard.
  3. Find your target customers and try to reach them through all the possible means: Initially, start with looking out for the right places where you might find your interested customers. You can use Sprout Social which can give you an insight of which social media channel can be the most effective for you. You might not want to miss an opportunity of interacting with your customers when they are online. Therefore, an always online approach is what you should aim for.
  4. Make use of live and behind-the-scenes on social media to keep the customers engaged: Nothing can be better than keeping your customers engrossed with effective social media strategies. Facebook live videos and Instagram stories can come to play in this regard. You can build your credibility among your customers by following these simple techniques. Also, you can hold some fun contests, Q & A sessions and other such trivia quizzes to increased your brand loyalty in the market.
  5. Save your precious money by using social media channels to respond to your customers' queries: Using social media for customer service can be extremely cost saving and profitable at the same time. You can also filter out negative comments about your business using certain social media handles. Also, social media management tools like Hootsuite and Social Mention can help you track all the comments regarding your business in real time.

Hence, in a nutshell, these exquisite tips can help your startup grow by leaps and bounds if you follow them cautiously.

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