Impact of Social Media on Women Entrepreneurship

Increasing use of social media platforms has opened up plethora of opportunities for women who are willing to work independently. It has been a blessing in disguise for all those women who have the potential to do things differently. Social media has thus played an important role in economically empowering women. Social media has been a step closer to bridging the gap between concrete floating ideas and their smooth execution. Here are a few ways in which social media has helped women entrepreneurs immensely:

  1. Building easy networks and connecting with customers has become easier: Traditional forms of marketing relied on investing a lot of resources and managing all the expenditure by itself. Social media, on the other hand, has led to more effective ways of marketing. Marketing campaigns can be easily handled with the use of powerful social media marketing offers. This has helped women to invest significantly in social media for starting businesses. It allows easy collaboration with other entrepreneurs and building one’s own social network has become easier.
  2. Direct interaction with customers which can lead to increased engagement: Nothing can outweigh the importance of directly building ones market through social media channels. With increasing social media marketing, companies can directly share their offers, product updates with customers to enhance their experience. Women entrepreneurs are exploiting this form of communication to increase their visibility in the market. According to reports, women are using social media channels to promote their businesses and personal brands by leaps and bounds as compared to male counterparts.
  3. Increased collaborations can lead to huge profits: Building ones loyal customers using social media platforms can be a tedious task in hand. Women entrepreneurs can connect with larger community of businesses to diversify their networks. Collaboration can be extremely helpful in this regard as it can lead to increased online visibility of ones own brand. This can particularly benefit women as they are ready to help each other as compared to male counterparts.

Here are a few statistics which will give you a peep into popular social marketing platforms and their use :

  • Facebook – 98%
  • Instagram – 89%
  • Pinterest – 79%
  • YouTube – 73%
  • Twitter – 67%
  • LinkedIn – 66%
  • Snapchat – 49%

Hence, in a nutshell, it can be said that women have changed from being ‘technologically challenged' to being ‘ tech savvy’ in a short span of time. The techniques to branding ones own talent on social media has given women entrepreneurs an opportunity to explore other possibilities of financially securing themselves.

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