Is There Anything Like Guaranteed SEO Services?

Search Engine Optimization is neither a dark art nor are its results determined by absolute luck. We understand the fact that we all desire to see our website under top 10 results on all the major search engines. But the irony is that no SEO specialist can ensure you the top rankings on any of the search engines. According to Google, “Nobody can guarantee a no. 1 ranking on Google.” Yes, it is absolutely correct. Then what are our Guaranteed SEO Services to you?

The Geeky Folks guarantees that you will be partnering with one of the best team of search marketers who are keen on studying search algorithms and identifying shifts in it. A team of SEO specialists who will pay dedicated effort for your website by understanding your market, its competitiveness, your strengths and weaknesses followed by the best practices of SEO implementation and analysis of feedback through web analytics tools such as Google Analytics for constant traffic and ranking increase of your website.

SEO specialists at our company study the tactics adopted by your competitors and implement SEO ideas that match and exceed theirs. It is very much possible that most of your major competitors have already hired an SEO services company to compete against you in search engine rankings. It is an ongoing battle which requires latest marketing warfare and keen observers who make sure that you don’t step upon the search engine guidelines while trying to combat your competition on the search engines.

We also guarantee that when you work with us, you are ensured of getting the best SEO services from the SEO firm which believes in transparent deals and ethical practices. Our SEO services and optimization processes are planned in such a manner that it is unbelievable that your website will not rank high for the finalized keyword phrases. We have worked upon several projects and have not gone through a single instance where a project did not execute well.

A typical website receives 80% of its traffic from just one source – Google, and so we predominantly focus on getting high rankings for you on Google. Due to the ethical practices and effective optimization, usually our SEO services mean that you rank well not only in Google but also in the other major search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Ask.

The main aim behind The Geeky Folks SEO services is to not only make the websites rank well but also to keep them within those top rankings.

There are no SEO crosscuts to effective and long term rankings. We work only within the orbit of ethical and white hat SEO techniques. Our endeavours are not to just maximize the traffic to your site but also to bring in the targeted traffic. In short, we guarantee you the best SEO services and ethical efforts.

How our Guaranteed SEO Services can help you?
Our SEO Team work closely with your team to understand your strengths and your competition.

  • Our SEO firm choose the best keywords for effective rankings which bring targeted traffic.
  • Our SEO group works on proper and ethical optimization for your website without using black hat or grey hat SEO techniques.
  • Our SEO experts build best links for your site so that your link popularity increases and your site ranks well for algorithms like LSI (Latent Sematic Indexing)
  • Our SEO professionals deploy deep analysis of your website using web analytics software and apply constant changes so that rankings increase 9and then stabilize) and the traffic increases.

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