Laravel - A New PHP Framework to Use in 2017

Love beautiful framework? We do too.

Laravel is the new PHP Framework and the need of the hour. It has emerged as a solution for all the web developers that take the trouble out of tedious development process. It is for developing robust and sustainable web applications with reliable structured code.Check out some of the key features of Laravel:

  1. Application Logic: Laravel follows MVC pattern so application logic is an integral part of it. Routers are used to redirect the application to a relevant controller with the help of which further actions can be taken.
  2. Automatic Pagination: It has inbuilt pagination feature. Pagination can be implemented by using the ready made component without writing the code from scratch.
  3. Bundles: Composer is used as a dependency manager since Laravel 4 which eases the package installation process. Simply, include the dependency under the json file, run "composer update", and the package is yours.
  4. Eloquent ORM: Laravel uses Eloquent ORM which follows active record pattern. Database migration process has become a simple process. No need to re-write the sql queries when migrating from MySql to MsSql, simply change the connection settings and you are done.
  5. Form Request: Laravel 5 provides a simple yet powerfull form component. Complex form valiadation can be implemented in just a few lines of code.
  6. Migration: It has a unique version control system with the help of which you can revert database changes with a single command. You can also add new fields to the database and create new tables easily.
  7. Restful Routing: The most powerfull feature of Laravel is its routing mechanism. It defines a relationship between the links and routes. If you change a route later then it will automatically be reflected at all the reference points.
  8. Unit Testing: The only PHP framework which has inbuilt unit testig bundles. Regression testing is simplified and can be executed by running artisan using the command line.

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