Laravel – The King of PHP Frameworks

If you are a believer in the endless possibilities of how technology can change a life, and If the curious child in you wants to know the ‘how and why’ of technology, you are at the right place. With the ever changing technology, there is a need to generate something innovative, something new, every second. The social media is at an all-time high. Even carrying laptops everywhere has become passé, and people want everything available on their phones. There’s an app for everything from shopping, promotions to advertising, alerts, and updates. In the era of the millennials, social apps have almost become a necessity. Intended for developing web applications, Laravel, a PHP web framework is widely regarded as the best in the business- It’s modern and elegant.

Here are 5 reasons to support the above-mentioned statement.

  1. Object Oriented Libraries: Laravel PHP web app Development framework has a class library management system for object-oriented programming where every piece of code is well documented and is readable.
  2. Authentication Techniques: proving or showing something to be true, genuine, or valid becomes much easier and simpler with Laravel PHP. All you have to do is locate the authentication file and change the behavior of the services according to convenience.
  3. Eloquent ORM (object-relational mapping): Working with database gets much simpler with this. You can now insert a new record in the table and simultaneously put queries in it. This Active Road implementation is absolutely hassle-free and saves that precious time.
  4. Security: Laravel PHP protects your application against common attack vectors and saves your app from merciless parasites and spiteful users. PHP Data Object uses prepared statements generated by query builder and Eloquent, which allows you to safely pass any parameters without having to escape and sanitize them.
  5. MVC Support: Model-View-Controller is very popular amongst Laravel PHP Development center. The domain that your software is built around, the visual representation of a model, given some context, and the coordinator that provides the link between the view and the model, works perfectly in tandem with one another, complementing the whole system.

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