New Year Resolutions For Geeks in 2018

New Year is around the corner and a list of promises and resolutions thus becomes necessary. For geeks, technology can be a blessing in disguise, therefore keep an eye on what can add to your list.

  1. Trying out gadgets which don’t excite you: Variety is the spice of life. Isn’t it? Well, if gadgets surprise you, then you should experiment buying the ones which you are least interested to. Explore other tech gadgets and they might turn out to be very different from what you imagined them to be.
  2. Innovation can be the key to success: As an app developer, what would make you stand out in the crowd would be your ability to think out of the box. Innovation in this profession can do wonders for you. Therefore, don’t hesitate to try different things and explore new aspects in this profession in 2018. Believe me, designing is not everyone’s cup of tea and if you possess that talent, then make the most of it. Brainstorming sessions with other app developers can also be of immense help as you will learn about tackling different client requirements.
  3. Contribute to the open source world: Popular open source projects can help you evolve and grow this year. You can go ahead by creating a profile on Github and contribute to the open source world by posting your own code. List of some renowned open projects include Atom, Eclipse Che, FreeCAD, GnuCash , Kodi, etc. Also, creating a profile on StackOverflow and helping out geeks by providing them valuable solutions to their problems can prove to be helpful. You can put your previous experiences to guide them in the right direction.
  4. Start your personal projects to learn better this year: Nothing can beat self learning if you want to become a successful web developer. If you wish to achieve heights in your designing career then you should entrust yourself with more responsibilities and work. Aim at learning and experimenting the knowledge you gain this year. Start with making your own website or an app which can help you explore your creative potential. This will help you gain credibility as a designer in the market and add to your overall skill set.
  5. Be open to learning new skills this year: You cannot master the art of designing unless you are willing to spare your valuable time experimenting new things. Therefore, curiosity to learn more and more with every passing day can be a key to success if you just started out as an app or web developer. Start learning MEAN(MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js) and say good-bye to server-side programming. You can also start using open source cryptocurrency trading libraries to create an app which displays latest bitcoin exchange rates. You would realize that the more you put your theoretical knowledge into practice, the better you become. Hence, quest for knowledge can keep you going in this field.

Hence, in a nutshell, if you are a technology freak, then you cannot afford to miss out on this exciting list of new year resolutions. All you need to keep in mind is the fact that technology is dynamic and in order to keep pace with these changes, you have to keep evolving. After all, what can give you an edge over others will be your ability to adapt yourself to new things happening around you.

Happy Reading! Love The Geeky Folks