The five Laravel mistakes that developers do

There are some common mistakes that Laravel developers make even though they know about those mistakes. Here are the 5 most common mistakes that we encounter most frequently while writing Laravel application.

  1. Laravel has one of the most powerful form libraries in the open source world. One of the most common mistakes which laravel programmers do is they forget to add CSRF hidden field token in the form. CSRF token field helps to protect an application from cross-site request forgery attacks but most programmers just omit it.
  2. Laravel documentation clearly says that "Form::model" should be closed with "Form::close!" tag but most laravel developers escapes this and wonder where the error is arising.
  3. Many laravel programmers still use params for the purpose of validation. The best way to validate user input is to use "FormRequest" feature of Laravel but they just don't use it.
  4. In order to save the time in short-term, laravel developers don't use the feature of migration. They manually create new database tables and directly add new fields to database tables. This is not the correct way, they should use database migration to add or alter anything in the database.
  5. The heart of any Laravel based application is routing. Laravel programmers often do mistakes in writing the routing logic. Sometimes they forget to add a new route and wonder why 404 is appearing. They also write a "get" rule instead of a "post" and keep debugging the controller code for errors.

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