What's New in Laravel 8?

It certainly feels like yesterday when Laravel version 6 was released. But NINE months have passed. You know what it implies: A new Laraval version is here - Laravel 8!!

FYI- Laravel 8 was released on September 8th, 2020.
Laravel 8 was released with a bunch of amazing and handy updates. Here in this article, I’ll go over what all things have been changed in this recent update in detail.

So let’s just dive right in.

Laravel Jetstream
Laravel Jetstream is a splendidly crafted application for scaffolding Laravel applications. Jetstream has amazing features such as authentication, profile management, security, and API support. It is basically created using Tailwind CSS, provides a perfect starting point for new projects. 

Model directory
Well, this feature has an interesting story behind it. People often suggested that Laravel should have the Model directory as the default for storing models. In 2016 Taylor Otwell made a poll about it and the outcomes showed a tremendous percentage of people want a default model directory. And... four years later, the people’s request has been granted.

Model factory classes
You can effortlessly generate fake data when testing your application using eloquent model factories. What used to happen in previous versions, Laravel provided a factory global object which we can extend to define our factories. But in Laravel 8, factories are now class-based with enhanced support for relationships between factories (i.e. a user has many posts).

Migration squashing
Say bye-bye to brimming migration folders with the new migration squashing feature. This feature lets you squash gigantic migration files into one SQL file. First Laravel will execute the generated file when you run migrations, and only then it will be executing any other migration files that are not part of the squashed schema file.

Job batching
The newest release of Laravel also starts with a skillful feature that empowers you to achieve a collection of jobs to be performed in parallel. To observe the progress of grouped/batched jobs, you can apply the then, catch, and finally, methods to define completion callbacks like this.

Improved rate limiting
With the latest enhanced rate limiting, you can forthwith do more using the Rate Limiter facade e.g limiting requests dynamically

In this article, we looked at the new features of Laravel 8. 

Laravel team has been tough at work to give us some wonderful and welcome updates to Laravel! Now that you have some background about what's new and what changed with Laravel 8, feel free to go off and explore on your own! Cheers!

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