Why is Laravel Consider as One Of The Best PHP Frameworks in 2021?

Choosing the best web development framework to build an application is one of the most challenging tasks. There are various factors that help in determining the framework to use while developing a website. Laravel framework is very popular among developers. They greatly appreciate the robust features of this platform. This "Web Artisans" was created by Taylor Otwell in 2011; since then, it gains enormous popularity.

You can easily use Laravel Homestead; It's a virtual development environment. It is an official Vagrant box that gives you an exceptional development environment without asking you to install PHP, a web server, and any other server software on your local device. Now no need to worry about installing more software and messing up your operating system!

Mac users can use Laravel Valet as their development environment. Fortunately, Laravel Valet supports Symfony, CakePHP 3, Slim, and Zend, as well as WordPress. Laravel employs a templating engine called Blade. Web developers can use PHP within Blade.

I am not stopping here! There is much more to tell!

A Framework Gives You consistency and flexibility.

Laravel handles all low-level details for you and gives you an artistic and working structural pattern. Laravel gives you an environment where Model, View, and Controller interact with each other smoothly. Other than this, Laravel is also enriched with many different functions that allow developers to focus on writing the business logic of your application. Hence, you end up saving time and energy, which otherwise would have wasted on find solutions to these low-level problems.

If this sounds impressive and encouraging enough to use a Laravel framework for your next project, let me share a few advantages that Laravel holds over other PHP frameworks. These advantages make Laravel one of the leading choices for the best PHP Framework.

  1. User Authorization Technique: Laravel framework makes implements authentication techniques very simple. Almost everything is configured correctly. Laravel provides a very simple way to create authorization logic and control entrance to various resources. Today every web application would need user authentication, and to implement this; you don't need to do any hard work with the Laravel framework. When you set up user authentication, Laravel creates all the major components such as the user model, the register and the login controller, and corresponding views. It is super easy to stretch any of these components to add functionality to your application's desired business logic. Apart from this, Laravel also provides the socialite package, which lets your application verify users using various social networks such as Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. You only need the minimum configuration to make this work.
  1. The Eloquent ORM Eloquent is Laravel Object Relationship Mapping. It fetches data from the database quickly. Creating relationships between tables and bringing data from these tables is aided by Eloquent as well. Eloquent also makes it easy to interact with the database. In such a case, you hardly need to write SQL queries or functions. Thanks to Eloquent, Laravel provides amazing support for these databases:

    – MySQL

    – PostgreSQL

    – SQLite

    – SQL Server

  1. Artisan Laravel framework offers an in-build tool named Artisan. This tool allows web developers to perform most of those monotonous and tedious programming tasks, which most of the developers avoid performing manually. Artisan is the command-line interface for Laravel and assists developers in automating many tasks using the command line. Developers can use Artisan commands within the application itself and can also create additional Artisan commands. You can easily pass commands for some common tasks such as creating a model, creating a controller, creating a database seeder, migrating the database, so on, and Laravel will do everything for you.
  1. MVC Support Another reason which establishes Laravel as the best PHP framework is it supports MVC Architecture. It ensures clarity between logic and performance. MVC helps in advancing the performance, allows better documentation, and has various built-in functionalities. 
  1. Security Laravel uses the hashed password, which means that the user password will never save in the form of plain text in the database. Laravel framework uses prepared SQL statements, which limits injection attacks. In Laravel, you can easily migrate the changes into any other development machine.
  1. Integration with Mail Services With Laravel clean, and simple API applications can promptly get started sending mail through a local or cloud-based service. Laravel allows you to send notifications across various delivery carriers, including SMS and Slack, using Nexmo. All these PHP Laravel services support out of the box. Laravel also supports markdown, which enables you to create notification emails in no time.
  1. Great Tutorials (Laracasts) Developers always need to learn new features and technologies to develop something unique and user-friendly. The Laracasts features of Laravel offer your free and paid video tutorials to learn Laravel effectively. Jeffery Way, an expert instructor, create all the videos.  Laravel does have an active community. When you face any problem, you can search many stack overflow posts that cater to your question. 

  1. Blade Templating Engine The Blade templating engine is mindblowing in separating views from your business logic. It keeps your view code super clean. Blade also provides template inheritance to divide your late templates into sections and inherit those sections into other view files. 


If you want to reduce your time spent developing your PHP web applications, using a Laravel framework is a smart choice.

To get the most out of a PHP framework, and avoid disappointment, ensure that you have adequate knowledge of Laravel and understand the underlying concepts behind the framework.

Which framework you opt for will depend on the type of app you're Hopefully, this article has helped you figure out the benefits of opting Laravel framework for you.

Which is your preferred PHP framework and why? Let us know in the comments below. If you are looking for a completely functional web application, you need a reputed PHP Laravel Development Company. Contact us now to hire Laravel developers!