Why we should use Laravel for e-commerce website development?

Laravel is one of the best frameworks of PHP. With the help of Laravel, one can build a complete working e-commerce web portal.

Here is why we should use Laravel for e-commerce website development:

  1. Fast searching: Any open source framework can cater fast searching for a small set of records. The problem arises when there are millions of records in the database. "Select" queries becomes slow which results in the slow output. There are a number of plug-n-play Laravel packages available which can be integrated into the e-commerce system and searching becomes super fast.
  2. MVC: MVC is the base of any Laravel web application. The old days of breaking MVC as per our convenience are gone. E-commerce web application development should be done in such a manner that the portal should be scalable. Due to strict MVC structure, Laravel is the best choice to develop a scalable E-commerce web application.
  3. Easy subscription management: Laravel's own subscription and billing module "Laravel Cashier" provides all the features of subscription management. Subscription plans, subscription quantity, subscription taxes and currency management features are available under this module. Stripe and Braintree gateways can be set up in a few steps which reduce a lot of development time. Braintree also supports payments via PayPal but it does not support the increment and decrement methods on subscriptions. On the other hand, Stripe supports the increment and decrement methods on subscriptions but it doesn't support payments via PayPal.
  4. Security: Security is the main objective of any E-commerce web application. Laravel has its own authentication system, inbuilt SQL injection protection, and CSRF/XSS blocking which makes Laravel the first choice for any E-commerce web application development company.
  5. E-commerce packages: Last but not the least there many easy to install Laravel packages which can be used to create the base of an E-commerce site. The packages contain product management, category management, shopping cart and user accounts. No need to do E-commerce development from scratch, just install the package and you are good to go.

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